100759: Family Characteristics and Child Welfare Services

Does the Assessment Drive Service Provision

About the Course:

A process study was performed on a program that was designed to prevent ineffective foster placement, to determine the match between family problems identified during assessment and subsequent services provided to the family. The individualization and “fit” of services to specific family needs is the foundation of assessment practice, but little research has documented the extent to which fit occurs. This study of 115 families and their services found that fit is best when concrete, rather than clinical, services are provided, but that parenting issues continue to drive the provision of all services. COURSE SYLLABUS I. Assessment in Child Welfare II. Matching Services to Family Needs III. Service Provision in Family Preservation IV. Method V. Results VI. Predicting Service Usage by Family Problems VII. Discussion VIII. Conclusion

Publication Date:

2002/ Vol. 83, No. 5/6


Marianne Berry; Scottye J. Cash

About the Authors:

Professor of Social Welfare University of Kansas

Assistant Professor of Social Work Ohio State University

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for social workers, counselors, psychologists, and other human services and behavioral health professionals who seek knowledge about child welfare services and assessments. It is appropriate for participants with intermediate to advanced levels of knowledge about the topic.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe the results of this study which assesses the congruence between the assessment of family needs and the provision of services.

  2. Describe the benefits of “good fit” between the assessment of family needs and the provision of services.

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