100803: Older Adults as Foster Parents for Children

About the Course:

The authors explore issues concerning employing older adults as foster parents for children. A survey of agencies in the United States suggests that agencies that utilize older adults as foster parents experience benefits, including elders’ abilities to impart life experience and to offer a high degree of tolerance and time flexibility. Older foster parents, when surveyed, reported that fostering benefited them, citing pleasures they derived and defining contributions gained to their own welfare. The authors recommend strategies for agencies to recruit older adults as foster parents as well as public consciousness-raising efforts that promote the value gained by society and the older adults when they choose second careers in child care. COURSE SYLLABUS I. Foster Care: The Literature II. Older Americans III. Methods IV. Findings V. Qualititative Research: Foster Parent Interviews VI. Discussion


Families in Society (Alliance for Children and Families)

Publication Date:

2005/ Vol. 86, No. 3


Donald H. Goughler, MSW; Annette Trunzo, MSW

About the Authors:

Chief Executive Officer Family Services of Western Pennsylvania

Director of Research and Program Evaluation Family Services of Western Pennsylvania

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for social workers, counselors, psychologists, and other human services and behavioral health professionals who seek knowledge about older adults and foster care. It is appropriate for participants with all levels of knowledge about the topic.

Course Objectives:

  1. identify the need for older adults as foster parents.

  2. describe potential benefits and challenges of having older adults contribute as foster parents.

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