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101478 Challenges of Street-Level Child Welfare Reform and Technology Transfer David S. Crampton, PhD
Thomas M. Crea, PhD, LCSW
Anne Abramson-Madden, MSW
Charles L. Usher, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
101476 Survival Analyses of the Dynamics of Sibling Experiences in Foster Care Vicky N. Albert
William C. King, MA
1 Online Article or Website
100767 When Family Reunification Works: Data-Mining Foster Care Records Antonia E. Cordera, DSW, MSW, ACSW 1 Online Article or Website
100760 The Meaning of Quality in Kinship Foster Care: Caregiver, Child, and Worker Perspectives Robert Chipman
Susan J. Wells
Michelle A. Johnson
1 Online Article or Website
100659 Siblings and Out-of-Home Placement: Best Practices Victor Groza, PhD
Connie Maschmeier, MSSA
Cheryl Jamison, MSW
Trista Piccola, MSSA
1 Online Article or Website
100803 Older Adults as Foster Parents for Children Donald H. Goughler, MSW
Annette Trunzo, MSW
1 Online Article or Website
100795 A Resilience-Based Model of Reunification and Re-entry for Children: Implications for Out-of-Home Care Services M. Thomas, PhD, LCSW
David Chenot, MSW
Barbara Reifel, MSW, LCSW
1 Online Article or Website
100761 Rethinking the Transition From "Ward of the Court" to Adulthood Families in Society
Debra M. Ortega, PhD
Forest NewHeart, MSW
Jennifer Propp, MSW
1 Online Article or Website
100713 Impact of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (1997) on Families of Color: Workers Share Their Thoughts Ramona W. Denby, PhD
Carla M. Curtis, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
100815 Family Characteristics and Dynamics Among Families Receiving Postadoption Services Renate Houts
Richard P. Barth, PhD
Deborah Gibbs, PhD
2 Online Article or Website

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