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101478 Challenges of Street-Level Child Welfare Reform and Technology Transfer David S. Crampton, PhD
Thomas M. Crea, PhD, LCSW
Anne Abramson-Madden, MSW
Charles L. Usher, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
101476 Survival Analyses of the Dynamics of Sibling Experiences in Foster Care Vicky N. Albert
William C. King, MA
1 Online Article or Website
101356 Reunification With Children in the Context of Maternal Recovery From Drug Abuse Bonnie E. Carlson, MSW, CSW, PhD
Carolyn Smith, MSW, PhD, ACSW
Holly Matto, MSW, PhD, LCSW-C
Michael Eversman, MSW, LCSW-R
1 Book
101275 Reaching Isolated New Mothers: Insights From a Home Visiting Program Using Paraprofessionals Ruth Paris, PhD, MSW, LICSW
Meagan K. Gemborys, MSW
Peggy H. Kaufman, MEd, MSW, LICSW
Debbie Whitehill, MSW, LICSW
1 Online Article or Website
101209 The Difficulty of Obtaining a Child Care Subsidy: Implications for Policy and Practice Mona Basta, LSW, ABD 1 Online Article or Website
101028 Injection Drug Use Among Youths: Scope of the Problem and Recommendations Sunny Hyucksun Shin, MSW, PhD
Maryann Amodeo, MSW, LICSW, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
100813 When Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Overlap Debra Ortega, PhD
Judy L. Postmus, PhD, ACSW
1 Online Article or Website
100792 An African-Centered Approach to Domestic Violence Tricia B. Bent-Goodley, PhD, LICSW-C, CSW 1 Online Article or Website
100762 Teen Living Programs for Young Mothers Receiving Welfare: An Analysis of Implementation and Issues in Service Delivery Mary Elizabeth Collens, PhD
Joyce West Stevens PhD, DSW
Terry S. Lane, MSS
1 Online Article or Website
100760 The Meaning of Quality in Kinship Foster Care: Caregiver, Child, and Worker Perspectives Robert Chipman
Susan J. Wells
Michelle A. Johnson
1 Online Article or Website
100759 Family Characteristics and Child Welfare Services: Does the Assessment Drive Service Provision Marianne Berry
Scottye J. Cash
1 Online Article or Website
100749 The Perceptions of Urban Youth in a Distressed Community and the Lessons for Adults Sondra D. Fogel, PhD 1 Online Article or Website
100739 Permanency for Children and Families: Examples of Mediation and Kinship Care Tami Lorkovich, MSSA, LSW
Trista Piccola, MSSA
Victor Groza, PhD
Merri E. Brindo, MSSA, LSW
Jonnie Marks, PhD
Miriam J. Landsman, PhD
Gail Barber, MSW
Kathy Thompson, MSW
2 Online Article or Website
100659 Siblings and Out-of-Home Placement: Best Practices Victor Groza, PhD
Connie Maschmeier, MSSA
Cheryl Jamison, MSW
Trista Piccola, MSSA
1 Online Article or Website
100656 Peer Victimization: The Case for Social Work Intervention Faye Mishna, PhD 1 Online Article or Website
100313 Child Trauma Handbook: A guide to helping trauma-exposed children and adolescents Greenwald, Ricky, Psy.D. 18 Book
100795 A Resilience-Based Model of Reunification and Re-entry for Children: Implications for Out-of-Home Care Services M. Thomas, PhD, LCSW
David Chenot, MSW
Barbara Reifel, MSW, LCSW
1 Online Article or Website
100761 Rethinking the Transition From "Ward of the Court" to Adulthood Families in Society
Debra M. Ortega, PhD
Forest NewHeart, MSW
Jennifer Propp, MSW
1 Online Article or Website
100713 Impact of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (1997) on Families of Color: Workers Share Their Thoughts Ramona W. Denby, PhD
Carla M. Curtis, PhD
1 Online Article or Website
100810 Chronic Child Neglect: Needed Development in Theory and Practice Dee Wilson, MSW
William Horner, DSW
1 Online Article or Website
8140 The Child With Special Needs: Encouraging Intellectual and Emotional Growth Greenspan, Stanley, M.D., Weider, Serena, Ph.D., Simon, Robin (contributor) 21 Book
100203 Difficult Moments in Child Psychotherapy Stewart Gabel, MD, Gerald Oster, Ph.D., & Cynthia Pfeffer, MD 7 Book

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